The first appointment is 1-1.5 hours in length. It includes: a discussion about your health concerns and goals; a review of your health history; a thorough physical examination, including a Chinese medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis; and a screening urine test.

The second appointment is 40-45 minutes in length, and is held 1-2 weeks after your first visit. We will review your complete, personalized, treatment protocol during this time, after I have had a chance to review the information gathered from the first visit.

The third appointment is approximately 40-45 minutes in length, and is held 2-4 weeks after your second visit. This visit is important as it is a chance to check in, make sure that the treatment protocol is understood and being followed, and to monitor any changes that may have occurred.

Follow-up appointments are conducted monthly, but may vary depending on the concern and the treatment plan decided on.

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