I treat all age groups and all health concerns.

Naturopathic Services Provided:

  1. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  2. Clinical Nutrition, Supplementation, and Dietary Review/Counselling
  3. Homeopathy
  4. Botanical Medicine
  5. Physical Medicine and Hydrotherapy
  6. Lifestyle Counseling
  7. Disease Prevention
  8. Laboratory Testing

Additional Naturopathic Services (Fees apply)

Nebulized Glutathione

A non-invasive, effective inhalation therapy. Effective for upper and lower respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, allergies, the common cold, lung repair after quitting smoking, chronic mucous/congestion and COPD. An essential part of any detoxification plan as glutathione is a powerful detoxifying agent.

B12 Injections

An intramuscular injection in your upper arm or buttocks to boost energy levels, replace deficiencies, reduce numbness and tingling, and support memory, mood and concentration.


Naturopathic Doctors complete over 300 hours of acupuncture training as part of their Naturopathic Medical degree. Small, sterile, non-reusable needles as inserted into specific points on the body to reduce headaches, pain and muscle tension, increase fertility, reduce nausea, facilitate healing, reduce stress and rebalance the body.

Lab testing

An important part of your Naturopathic assessment: includes blood, urine and stool testing to determine food sensitivities (IgG), male/female/thyroid and stress hormone levels, nutrient deficiencies, digestive disorders and parasites. 

Naturopathic doctors gather information by:

  • taking an extensive client history and performing a thorough physical examination
  • asking about your lifestyle, diet, emotions, stress, exercise, and exposure to environmental hazards
  • using standard diagnostic instruments and laboratory tests